Gusti D’Olivo

gusto d'olivo

Excellence Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The peculiar qualitative characteristics of high quality "Gusti D'Olivo" extra virgin olive oil are an expression of the Sicilian territory in the province of Messina. This is where natural and human factors affect that, combined together, make it possible to obtain an inimitable product.

The most expressive cultivars of this territory, which give the product unmistakable peculiarities, are the "Santagatese", more predominant, which are flanked by others that are an expression of the olive growing that extends over the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas, such as "Ogliarola Messina" , “Minuta”, “Nocellara Mesinanese” and “Verdello” with the presence of other varieties such as the “Biancolilla” and the new patented cultivars: “FS17” and “I77”.
In this way, the oil presents itself with intense fruity characteristics, with a full-bodied consistency and at the same time in harmony with bitter and spicy, all characteristics that meet the consensus of consumers.
The harvest is done by hand, or with the use of shakers and the olives are pressed on the same day of harvest with modern systems, in a continuous cycle.
The quality of the oil is ensured not only by correct agronomic practice, but also by the timeliness with which the olives are processed, harvested at the right degree of ripeness, and by the care reserved for the storage of the oil, which is stored in stainless steel tanks. and in rooms that keep the temperature relatively low and constant.
In this production context, a golden green oil is obtained with an intense aroma and herbaceous taste of green olives with a small bitter and spicy note tending to almond.
It is an AQ (High Quality) olive oil certified by the CSQA and organic certified by Ecocert Italia.

According to the test report of the SSOG (Experimental Station for the Oil and Fat Industries) it has the following characteristics:

Acidity 0.3
N ° of peroxides 6.0 meq 02 / Kg
Oleic Acid 73.33%

Sensory Parameter:
Fruity with Median ≥ 3
Absence of varietal notes of non-Italian origin.

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