Marketing in European markets

Commercializzazione nei mercati europei

The A.P.O.M. a r.l. has put a lot of effort into the marketing sector. This activity has been remarkably successful and was mainly aimed at the production of organic oils certified under the REG. CE 2092/91, DOP Valdemone and Tracciati oils (UNI EN ISO 22005: 2007 standard), helping to render a valid service to producers and at the same time defending the market price.

The interest of consumers is confirmed by the numerous attendance of visitors, also by foreign delegations, at the plant and confirmation of the attention paid to this product and quality of extra virgin olive oil.

The objectives of the cooperative are aimed at improving quality and strengthening relations with members, marketing the members' extra virgin olive oil;

Over the years, particular emphasis has been given to promotion, marketing and market research and numerous promotional initiatives have been launched both in Italy and abroad with participation in Fairs, Exhibitions and Markets and meetings with all components of the supply chain ( consumers, Bayer, traders, etc.), with the aim of approaching and acquainting consumers with the health characteristics of extra virgin olive oil.

APOM will be able to count on marketing experience in European markets: the Netherlands, Germany and France and outside Europe: Japan.