Improvement of storage techniques

Miglioramento delle tecniche di stoccaggio

Olive oil is born raw, cloudy. Except for some processes carried out at not exactly low temperatures, typical of some virgin oils, all olive oils come out more or less cloudy. I say more or less since the differences can be considerable. It depends on many factors: cultivar, quality of the olives, weather conditions, time elapsed between harvesting and milling, type of plant, capacity of the oil mill operator.

But all are born turbid.

Olive oil is produced in a very short period of time, between 30 and 70/80 days max in exceptional years. But its consumption is constant throughout the year. So the oil produced, perhaps in December for the northern hemisphere, will have to be stored for several months before being bottled and consumed.

Hence the importance of storage.

The A.P.O.M. has made particular efforts, with adequate investments in men and means, in the sector of marketing the oil of the members. In fact, it has built a plant in Torrenova for the storage and bottling of olive oil, with a storage capacity of over 5,000 quintals and with a totally autonomous bottling plant with a bottling potential of n. 7,000 bottles per hour. This activity had considerable commercial success and was mainly aimed at the marketing of organic oils certified under the REG. CE 2078/92 and REG. CE 2092/91 and Valdemone DOP oils.